Monday, August 14, 2017

The Dogs of War

The War has begun. It started with the March of the Tiki Torches across the campus of the University of Virginia, protesting the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, famous for losing the Civil War. It went on the next day with the Battle of Charlottesville, where a young woman named Heather Hyer became the first casualty of Civil War II, the Crispus Attucks of a new American Revolution.

Make no mistake. This is war.

It’s a war like no other, a war fought not with guns and bombs (at least not yet, but give it time) but with sticks and stones and baseball bats on the streets of our cities. It is a war being fought in cyberspace with flaming back-and-forths between the two sides. It is a war in which I only have two weapons: my words and my sarcasm. I’m not afraid to use either… or both.

Meanwhile, as the nation burns, Nero plays his fiddle. He dares not speak out against the Nazis who march in our streets and promote their prejudice through social media, because these are the deplorables — and yes, I said deplorables — who put him in office.

But we can, as Fred Small put it, show the bigots there are more of us than they have stones.

If anything good is to come out of this cluster-f’ck our nation has become, then maybe it will light a fire under those who don’t even bother to turn out and vote. This is important, America. There are no innocent bystanders anymore. It’s time to pick which torch you’re going to follow.